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04/23/2019 Tanisha

kumbh mela

World's largest congregation of religious pilgrims, Kumbh Mela is a festival where souls come to get detached from the infinite cycle of life and death (Mukti) finally leading to eternal union with God. Pilgrims, Sadhus, and Aghoris (from the Himalayas) come to dip in the holy water of sacred confluence of brackish water of Ganga, deep blue hues of Yamuna and invisible yet mystical Saraswati at the divine Sangam to get rid of their sins. Prayagraj is land where Amrit (immortality drink) fell off form nectar of immortality by Indra's son saving from demons and sacrificed his life: good wins over evil and place where spiritual energy amalgamates energy of millions of pilgrims to give birth to the magical place.

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kumbh mela


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