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04/24/2019 Vivek

trekking in india

As pleasant we assume the summer to be, in reality, it is burning hot in the cities. Many people tend to cage themselves in front of the cooler or under AC roofs. This may be soothing, but a really cool excursion is a must. Although, amazing sunset over the quaint wavy ocean is serene, living near the ocean is somewhat painful. Beaches are humid and sunnier. For a moment of serenity, one has to sweat a lot, salty ocean water is itching plus the crowd and loud parties are annoying. Therefore the best option to avoid these hassles and get a cooler jaunt is trekking.

One such unique trail is Buran Ghati pass trek. One the less popular treks or to say, one the most underestimated treks. It is a complete package of snowy land, alpine lake, coniferous trees, vast meadows and the unexpected thrill of hanging on an ice-wall.

Hang on an ice-wall at 15000 feet

The summit climb for Buran Ghati Pass is after crossing a steep ice-wall. Though the climb is feasible, the descent is not possible without a rope. The thrill of hanging to a rope, on 400 feet ice-wall at 15,000 feet can be never imagined.

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trekking in india


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