Our Guest's feedback.....

Trena T. Griffith-Hawkins, USA (February 2015)

Dear IVSL Team!

Where to begin? I suppose with the fact that we are safely home is a good start! Jet lag has been an issue this week; surprisingly even more so than upon our arrival to India. Perhaps it was due to the excitement of finally being there that I did not feel so exhausted as I do now.

I apologize for not writing from Dehli the last night we were there, but we had such a short time left with Cameron that there just wasn't the incentive to write. When asked by friends what our favorite part of the trip was, it is an impossible task to  decide! Taj Mahal? Varanasi and the boat ride along the Gange at night? Living in tents at Ranthambhore? Amber Fort Palace? Samode? or seeing the Himalayas? The diverseness of your beautiful country... the extremes from crazy, crazy driving (!!!) to the beauty of women's colorful dress, from ignoring the trash on the streets to the magnificence of the exterior of the Taj Mahal or the interior of Samode, neither which can ever be ignored or forgotten, from the intenseness of crossing a street without getting hit to the friendliness of the Indian people! Yours is a country of contrasts… and we loved it!

Our tour guides were excellent. Their historical and cultural knowledge was very impressive and helpful to us in learning about India in a thorough way. They were all very professional and took into account what we were interested in seeing and how long we wanted to spend time at a location. There were times, especially on safari at Ranthambhore, when we were unsure as to why we had an additional "guide". We believe he was simply another pair of eyes (we had another guide plus a driver already), but since we did not see any tigers, the purpose of this person seemed limiting. The way it felt "good" to have the additional guide was that we were, hopefully, helping to support the economy of the area.

Raghu was by far our favorite guide. He is knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor, very personable, and extremely attentive to all of our needs. He and Richard hit it off with ridiculous jokes, but I think Raghu could laugh at anyone's silliness! He was terrific! Our first guide in Varanasi (so sorry, I cannot remember his name) was also wonderfully knowledgeable and took us through some amazing narrow alleyways which were most memorable. He was very aware of our safety and where we could and couldn't go in terms of temple rules, etc. In Darjeeling, we enjoyed Joy very much. He was much shyer than our other guides, but we warmed up to each other after the first day and really enjoyed his guidance and interests in the mountains and the history and politics of Darjeeling. Lastly, in terms of guides, it is the best way for we less-experienced Westerner travelers to see a country like India. Guides help us to feel "safe" (and we never felt in anyway unsafe or uneasy about where we were) and enable us to learn as much as possible about a site in a very enriching way.

Our hotels, we concur, were mostly fine… nothing extravagant, which I guided you to find for us. In hindsight, I think Richard and I wish we had stayed two or three nights at a more extravagant hotel simply because we hear about India's luxury hotels and how incredible they are. We are sorry we did not get to experience that. It's not something for you to fret over; it's just a note for us to remember when we return to India! The one hotel that Richard did not care for as much was the Surya Uday Haveli. You had warned me that it was not as nice as some, but I believe that due to our need for three to a room, this hotel was our best option. The Windamere was very pleasant, but nothing fancy… although I loved walking back in time to the early 1900s. We were very happy with this hotel and especially its location to the goings on of Darjeeling.

While in Darjeeling, Joy took us on an adventurous road trip to Tathagata, where we hiked and ate lunch. Tathagata is an organic farm with a home stay option. We loved it, and if we had had a choice, all three of us would have stayed there a night or two in a heart beat. I hope you keep that in mind for those people/families that desire some quality time with nature and total downtime. Staying there one night and at Windamere for two nights would have been a very pleasant option.

The restaurants we went to with Raghu were fine, but not anything spectacular. They seemed a bit touristy, and we prefer restaurants more "native". However, with my inability to eat "hot/spicy" food, these restaurants may have been the best option.

We saw a lot of India in 17 days! When we think back on how much time we spent on planes and in the car, it is mind boggling… but I don't think we would have done it any other way. We saw such a cross mix of Indian culture, especially in comparing Darjeeling with the rest of India. I am very pleased that we had that experience, even though at times it was exhausting!

Please let Raghu, Joy and the other guides know how much we enjoyed traveling with them in India! It was an incredible experience!

My very best to you, IVSL Team, and thank you, thank you, thank you!



Trena T. Griffith-Hawkins


Kim Paine Pepper & Family, USA (Travel: April 2014)

IVSL Team,

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know we arrived home safe and sound and are getting back into our routine.

We absolutely loved our trip you planned for us. We can not say enough good things about our experience, you, your company, Rajesh our driver and the entire experience overall. I have given your information to two friends as well so far and hope they contact you. I will pass it on to others as well.

I would also love to send you a proper thank you card, is there an office address I could send it to for you? I honestly can't say enough great things about the trip you planned for us! We had an amazing and life changing trip and will never forget it!

Kim and Nick Pepper

Allen & Karla Berbrayer, Winnipeg, Canada (Travel: September 2014)

Dear IVSL Team,

Our “first timer” India experience was like no other.

Below are our comments:

Arrival:  It is a wonderful system to have someone from your company meet us as we arrive in each city.  Arriving in Delhi  after an exhausting flight is an overwhelming experience.  To have a smiling face waiting expectantly for you with everything arranged for your transportation from the airport- was wonderful.

Our hotel – the Imperial Palace – was a great choice.  As you mentioned, we stayed in several Oberoi hotels – this gave a different feel  and was a great beginning.

We loved our tour guide – Poonam, and our driver Pooran. I would like to send her a note. Poonam was very warm and we easily connected with her.

The Rickshaw ride we took in Old Delhi is one of our highlights of our tour.  We were glad to have the 3 nights in Delhi – helped us acculturate to India.

Jaipur:  Rajeev was a wonderful guide.  Very different from Poonam – the different guides help one realize the many different types of people in the country! The hotel in Jaipur was a wonderful retreat – again, grateful for the 3 nights as we were able to really experience the hospitality at the hotel.  We loved the visit to the Palace on elephant.

A highlight of our stay in Jaipur was the visit to Sanganer.  We found this visit so interesting, the guide did a wonderful job of explaining the silk screening process.

The drive to Fatehpur Sikri allowed us to pick up our guide, and tour this city which was a wonderful lead up to Agra. Nothing can quite compare to the view of the Taj Mahal. Our guide ( please help me remember his name!) gave us the best advice after touring the Taj on the day of our arrival.  Instead of getting up at 5:00 am to do a dawn tour – get up at sunrise and sit on our balcony to watch the sun rise over the Taj.  We were so grateful  for this advice. The bathtub in the Oberoi had a full view of the Taj. The balcony felt as if we were the only ones able to see this view at 5:45 am .  A very meaningful experience.

Varanasi:  Thank  goodness we had 2 nights here.  The Taj palace was unbelieveable – the service in that hotel was beyond any expectations.  Allen had purchased a small elephant which had broken, and a staff person noticed the elephant in our room and repaired it.  We enjoyed a cooking class with the outstanding chef.  I could go on and on… We enjoyed the guide in Varanasi – Pulkit ( I think that is his name).  He was young – a very big change from all the other guides.  He did a wonderful job of explaining the Ghats and gave us the spiritual tour of Varanasi.  I had mentioned to you that he offered us another tour in the afternoon but said it would cost extra to participate, so we politely declined.  Afterwards, we noticed that the tour he described had been listed in our itinerary and that is why I called you to ask about the additional cost.  I wondered what transpired after that?

As mentioned, we were very happy with Pulkit as a guide, and loved our stay in Varanasi – it appeared that his superior had given him the price of the “additional tour” which we chose not to take.  ( we enjoyed the pool in our hotel instead that day – not a bad plan at all!)

Mumbai: A fabulous city – we loved it.  Our hotel, the Oberoi, gave us a room with 2 bathrooms and a view overlooking Marine Drive.  Again –outstanding service.  We loved the freedom of walking towards Chowpatty Beach.

Yael was an outstanding tour guide.  Her tour of the synagogues was exactly what we had hoped for.

We were also grateful for the tour of the Dharavi slum, which made us aware of the extreme differences in living conditions in Mumbai.

The houseboat trip was beautiful.  Unfortunately there was some rain but this did not affect our enjoyment as we were able to appreciate all even though the weather was not as good as our crew would have hoped!  The food and service – outstanding.

Back in Mumbai with Yael for the last day- a wonderful tour.  The staff at Oberoi treated us like old friends and were very accommodating.

IVSL Team, in conclusion, we were very well cared for throughout our trip.

 We had no hassles, the time was carefully planned out, and we had an incredible experience.

We would highly recommend your organization to our friends.

We loved India.

All the best, Karla

Azim Shamji, Canada (Travel: October 2014)

Dear IVSL Team;

Happy New Year to you and the family.

Once again thank you for a wonderful trip we had in India. See you next time we are in India.

Marek Swzierkosz , Switzerland (Travel: October 2014)

Dear IVSL Team,

First of all, our warmest thanks for recommending Sri Lanka for our holidays!

Until now, and based on package tours sold here, we had an image of Sri Lanka as an exotic not-so-expensive beach destination - not necessarily optimal because the sea is rough.

Thanks to you, we discovered Sri Lanka is a destination that has so much more to offer, both on the culture and on the nature side.

These holidays cannot be compared with our stay in India. India was a huge cultural and spiritual discovery which we still remember very well.

Sri Lanka was a wonderful holiday with a very varied and thrilling programme, and lots of fun.

It really would be difficult to find something to improve or to criticize.

The selection of hotels was really top-level. We were already very pleased with the one on the beach at Bentota, and then found out the other ones were even better.


There was one slight flaw at Amaya Green Hills in Kandy - according to Trip Advisor, it happened to several people. This hotel is renowned for its wonderful view. At first, we were assigned a room on the lowest floor, lower and narrower than the others, with no view, a sewer smell from the bathroom, and with 6 other defects (like water flowing constantly from under the fridge). After phoning the reception, we were immediately reassigned a nice room, which even included a fruit basket. From that moment on, the stay was perfect.

All the other hotels were perfect, each of them different and having its own strengths.

We were also extremely satisfied with the driver Sudarshana. He is really a very nice, competent and devoted person - in addition to being a very good driver, and he made these holidays even more wonderful. He would not only fulfill our wishes but also guess them. All the time we really felt taken care of.

In general, people are so friendly and calm, this adds to the relaxing effect.

Somehow the geography of Sri Lanka makes this tour very varied, but also happening in a very good succession - first very impressive historical locations, starting from the very oldest (Anuradhapura) towards more recent times. Then an authentic city (Kandy), followed by a very distinctive region at Nuwara Eliya - also with the tea fields and the nice walk in Horton Plains in the early morning, Sudarshana made it with us. The train ride from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya and the wonderful views on the way will also be fondly remembered. Also the safari at Yala was a highlight, with so many various animals walking freely. We even had the chance to see a leopard!

Our son Jeremi who is very interested in birds was also delighted by the variety of birds to be seen everywhere, and we had to find him a book about birds of Sri Lanka in Colombo.

Even the long drive from Yala to Colombo was very nice, with lots of nice views and attractions on the way.

This is really a tour I can and will recommend to anyone among our friends. I believe this trip is suitable to anyone. For someone who hasn't visited Asia yet, it is a good start, due to the cultural diversity. It might well be that we once return to Sri Lanka to visit places that we haven't seen yet.

In summary - thank you IVSL Team for suggesting and organizing this delightful holiday.

And if I can be of any use e.g. by recommending you on Internet, please feel free to ask.

Every year, Jeremi has this two week holiday in October. It is a period where we can easily take two weeks off, but then it's not easy to find an interesting destination, as many places have bad weather. So we'll be open for any suggestions for next year :)

Dear IVSL Team, thank you once again, and I am looking forward to talking to you soon,



Jonathan Shanahan, USA (Travel: September 2014)

Thank You IVSL Team!

Thanks so much, IVSL Team. Writing this note brings back for me how special our trip was, and how wonderfully you managed everything.


Jeannie Forrest and Carl Brook, USA (Travel: April 2014)

Finally getting around to thanking you and all staff who were part of our package in South India.

From the moment we landed in Bangalore to our departure from Mumbai we were truely looked after.

Everybody was punctual, pleasant and so easy to get along with. All accommadation was really above expectation, and the staff in all the hotels was also tops.

All agents, guides and drivers were excellent. We didn't get to know all the drivers well except Raj who we had, or who he had to put up with us for 13 days!

He was a really good driver and full of knowledge and I feel just made our trip that little bit better. All the temples, caves, house boat and scenery whilst driving made the trip well worth while.

Thanking you very much - Jeannie Forrest and Carl Brook


Donald and Jill Spuehler, USA (Travel: January 2012)

Dear IVSL Team Thank You!

Jill and I add our thanks, admiration and amazement for you on the weeks in India.

Jill and I were talking this morning on our driving around as to whether there was anything negative which we should comment on in response to the note we got on the guest book.  There was none which is simply amazing which is why I used that word above.

The hotels and palaces and places were fantastic.  But the most incredible part was the smoothness of getting met at the airport, escorted back, guided beautifully, and taken care of at every turn.  The best example was getting to Shimla at the Oberoi and wanting to stay an extra day to recover from the 11 hour ride.  Calling Pawan on his train down the mountain, no problem:  we'll take care of it.  That was the attitude of everybody at Compass and chosen by you for us.

So, many thanks.  And I have to add that you have a wonderful California agent in Bonnie and we are equally enthusiastic supporters.  Feel free to use us as recommenders it that would be useful.



Donald and Jill Spuehler


Mickey Wener, Canada (Travel: November 2014)


Dear IVSL Team,

Hope this finds you and your family doing well. We are slowly emerging from our colds and post-trip jet lag.  I am staying put for a while, that is for sure! I am now finally in a frame of mind to get my travel journal and photos organized. Here’s a nice photo of the two of us at the farewell dinner in Delhi.

Everyone from the Alex trip was/is anxious to know how our trip was… of course, fabulous! Before we left, I wasn’t sure what all the people who were scheduled to help us would do, but it became evident we needed all of that help and somehow managed to keep them all very busy. Thank you for the extra assistance in Varanasi – that was wild! And, thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf, as well as the thoughtful gifts - much appreciated! Everyone has repeatedly indicated how well organized the trip was.

As my niece is arriving for a week’s visit tomorrow, I thought I’d better get some of our group’s feedback off to you. Hope this is helpful…


•   Communication with IVSL Team, planning, and trip details all well done; appreciated the changes made to compensate for one less night at the Taj Nadesar Palace in Varanasi

•   Hotels amazing; eating at the hotels at the end of the day was relaxing; massages welcomed

•   Enjoyed the addition of Mumbai and our itinerary there; good to have down time before the touring began

•   All tour guides were very informative, pleasant to be with, helpful and flexible

•   Drivers/Assistants very skilled!

•   Buses great; well stocked with water and some extras; bathroom important

•   Appreciated the efforts for shopping trips based on our requests

•   Escorts very helpful; appreciated having Raghu for a stretch of time rather than changing at every city; he was very kind, informative, flexible and took good care of us; appreciated others who helped us with our luggage issues at the airports



•   Important to know the internal flight weight restrictions ahead of time

•   An extra night here or there to allow more time to enjoy where you are, i.e. Chatrasagar, Udaipur

•   Preshant: kind, friendly, skills are developing… needs to think proactively about check-in, arranging massages; not always able to be  understood

Seeing the weaving of textiles and carpets; making marble, etc. very interesting; do not need multiple opportunities here especially for sales pitches

I think this just about covers it. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about the trip further.

All the best to you and all of the wonderful people that helped make our trip so memorable.



Barry & Sharon Weinstein, Canada (Travel: November 2014)


Dear IVSL Team,

Thanks for sending the invoice. It was a pleasure to meet and spend time with you in India. We had a wonderful time and want to sincerely thank you for all that you did to make our trip as memorable as it was. Thankfully, the jet lag has pretty much diminished.

It is our pleasure to refer Cathie and others to you…..you earned our confidence. Thanks again and all the best !! Give our best to Raghu when you are in touch with him. 

Sincerely, Barry and Sharon

Kerrie & Richard Halprin, Winnipeg, CANADA (Travel: November 2014)

Dear IVSL Team,

Thank you again for organizing our trip  to India as well as that of Barry and Hayley. Thank you also for dragging yourself to the airport Oberoi to collect my parcel. It was so good of you to follow up after my lapse. I am particularly appreciative knowing the distance and traffic you'd have had to face to do that. 

I don't know if you recall at dinner on our last evening together I spoke about an Indian chef in Vancouver. Vikram Vij is the toast of Canada and most of the US too when it comes to Indian cuisine. I'm not sure what region he comes from but his food is delicious. I've met him a couple of times and he is one of the reasons richard and I came  to visit India. He encouraged us to come. Hayley and Barry have a copy of his book for you. I hope you find it of interest. Apparently it's the kind of Indian food that earns raves in the west.

Thanks again and for taking good care of my kids.

All best for 2015 

Kerrie (and Richard)

Bogdan Popescu, USA (Travel: November 2014)

Dear IVSL Team,

Thank you for the New Year wishes and wish you a great New Year as well.

I take advantage of this opportunity to write you few of our thoughts about our trip to India. Unfortunately, with all the holidays in December i was very busy and didn't really get the chance to sit back and drop a few lines.

We would like to thank you very much for handling our tour. We appreciate your dedication and are aware that you did your best in order to ensure that everything is fine. Also, your colleague was really helpful. It was truly a trip to remember and made us want to return to India.

Of course, the places we got to see were great. India is one of the best places we visited so far! Our favorite part of the trip was Kerala, but we also very much appreciated the days we spent in Agra and Jaipur (in this latter case, we really consider coming back for a few more days in Rajahstan, which is fabulous)

We also very much appreciated the quality of our guides. I would particularly want to mention the guides we had in Agra (Mr. Barun) and Jaipur (Mr. Rajiv) - I apologize in advance for any misspelling of their names. Apart from their level of knowledge of the Indian culture and history, their were very helpful and oriented towards our needs. Their highly professional approach of the tour was carefully combined with a high level of attention for providing us with a deeper insight of the topics we were interested in.

I would also like to point out the great quality (but human and professional) of our drivers. We felt really safe in traffic and they were always prepared to help us. The accommodation was very good, particularly with he Oberoi hotels, which proved an excellent choice.

Also, thank you very much for taking care of the birthday surprise for my wife Bianca. She was really happy :)

All in all, our tour was a very nice experience, which brought us great memories and which made us want to come back.

Once again, IVSL Team, thank you for planning this tour and for your continuous assistance. I hope we shall have the opportunity to talk again (who knows, considering how much we enjoyed India, maybe it will be in the near future:)

I wish you good luck and all the best to you and your beloved ones!

Best regards,



Joseph & Roberto, Mexico (Travel: January 2013)


Hi IVSL Team,

We were back today after the long trip in India and Rajasthan.

We want to thank you and your company for the great job made for us, for the patience in building the right trip and for the professionalism of all your cooperators, contact on site, drivers and all the people working for our security.

All was perfect, the places on Rajasthan really fantastic and the atmospheres attractive.

All the Hotels and the services was at the expected level , sometime really more than expected ; that was a great surprise.

Please extend my regards and thanks to Rajesh, the first driver (Rajasthan tour) , for 10 days was our “angel” in India, our focal point and friend.

In fact you and your company have made a fantastic experience for us in India , thank you very much for that.

See you in the next trip for another part of India.

Bye, Roby.

Ana Lisa & Sandra, California, USA (Travel: March 2013)


Dear IVSL Team,

On our coming back home from this unique travel, we wish to thank you for all your assistance and kindness.

First of all, we wish to underline all the positive aspects of the organization:

the extreme kindness of the drivers, the guides and all the crew of India Viajes SL in assisting us in every aspect and moment of our trip.

We have found such a human richness and friendship which was important to overcome the objectives difficulties to be in a complete different country.

We shall  strongly recommend your Company and do hope to have in the near future another opportunity to visit India.

Yours sincerely.


Jennifer Crosby, USA (Travel: November 2014)


Dear IVSL Team,

We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had in India. It was very difficult to come back and start working again. And we have already started spreading the news about India Viajes SL. People are starting to get in line and we can't wait to plan our next trip to India. We had a great driver and guides.

Please give our best to everyone who worked so hard to make this a memorable trip for us. See you soon.

Sincerely, Jennifer Crosby

David & Lorna (Peru)

Estimado Shreya, Lorna y yo tuvimos un tiempo maravilloso. Todo ha ido bien. Los hoteles fueron maravillosos, pero la mayoría de todo su personal es excelente. Nuestro conductor fue increíble. Se ocupó de nosotros entrando y saliendo del auto y asegurándose de que estábamos cómodos. Su conducción fue increíble. Los guías fueron knowledgeableand amable y respondieron preguntas que teníamos. Le recomendaré India Viajes a mis compañeros y clientes. Hiciste un gran trabajo. Has hecho nuestro viaje uno de los mejores que hemos tenido. Ciertamente usaremos India Viajes para cualquier solicitud de viaje India que obtiene de nuestra agencia. Gracias de nuevo.

John Esther, Mexico

Siento a echar de menos al principio de nuestro viaje, pero deberías saber que tienes delirios de aquellos que veía en Nueva Delhi. Con suerte, conseguiré una oportunidad de encontrarse otra vez al principio de las vacaciones del próximo año. Esta estadía de años a través de nuestro favorito partes de la India parecían una continuación más agradable del año pasado. El viaje fue sterling. Gracias a ti y todos los demás en India Viajes responsables de hacer todo tan perfectamente memorable y aparentemente sin esfuerzo. Tenemos 4 tienen buenos recuerdos que nos podrá revivir una y otra vez cada día hasta nuestro regreso. Flores silvestres es increíble y una ventisca deliciosa proporciona una cubierta ideal de nieve y deslumbrante sol después de la tormenta para darnos vistas ininterrumpidas del Himalaya. Su equipo se superó en guiándonos cuidadosamente a través de un terreno duro y atmosféricas difíciles con gran tranquilidad y seguridad. Grandemente admiramos y apreciamos tener tiempo para poder conocer Vijay. Tipifica la filosofía India Viajes sobre la manera de que los extranjeros se sienta cómodo y querer saber más sobre su país increíble. Gracias por organizar tenerlo guiarnos hacia una nueva parte (para nosotros) del país del norte. Todos los mejores deseos Vijay, Shreya, IVSL Team y todos los demás que tuvo tan buen cuidado de nosotros.

Mario Pareza, Chile

Estimado Shreya, Mario y yo agregue nuestro agradecimiento, admiración y asombro para ti y para los Viajes de la India en las semanas en India.Mario y que estuviera hablando esta mañana en nuestro dando vueltas sobre si hubo algo negativo que nos debemos comentar en respuesta a la nota que tenemos en el libro de visitas. No había ninguno que es simplemente increíble que por eso utilicé la palabra anterior.Los hoteles y palacios y lugares fueron fantásticos. Pero lo más increíble fue la suavidad de la que conocimos en el aeropuerto, escoltados de regreso, guiado maravillosamente y cuidado en cada vuelta. Entonces, muchas gracias. Y debo añadir que estamos igualmente entusiastas partidarios. No dude en utilizarnos como recomendación es que serían útil.Tuyo,

Angeline Robinson, Brazil

Mi familia y yo hemos utilizado la India Viajes S L para varios viajes y siempre estamos muy contentos con su alto nivel de servicio. Por primera vez explorando India o para retornadores que requieren de asistencia en viajes, Viajes India viene fuertemente recomendado. El personal es muy atento y tiene muchos controles para garantizar que los viajeros son cómodos y atendidos. Viajé a la India durante un mes en el itinerario de diciembre con un bastante complicado (y todos los cambios) con múltiples personas y lugares. Tengo un teléfono móvil para mantenerse en contacto con personal de Viajes de la India que fue útil durante toda la duración de mi viaje. India puede ser un lugar caótico para navegar (incluso para los lugareños) y todavía puede lanzar un hechizo sobre aquellos que están abiertos a él. India Viajes no sólo se encarga de la hassels, ayudan a asegurar que todo el mundo la experiencia India es increíble!

Monique y Mark, Mexico

Hola Shreya, volver a casa y gracias a usted y todo su equipo, tuvimos una estancia maravillosa en el norte de la India y Goa.Monique y me fueron muy encantados de conocerte y su marido para un delicioso almuerzo. Monique estará orgullosa de llevar la bufanda hermosa y he puesto la estatua de Ganesh en mi escritorio de mi oficina y estoy seguro que nos traerá prosperidad.Los representantes locales fueron muy útiles y hecho todo lo posible para organizar nuestra estancia en las diferentes ciudades lo más agradables posible.La guía de la ciudad era muy profesional, amable y nos dio un buen conocimiento de la historia y cultura.Un agradecimiento especial a nuestro piloto Rakesh quién era extremadamente amable y con quien nos sentimos siempre muy seguro y que no es fácil con el tráfico loco en la India sin reglas comprensibles. Cuando mi esposa Monique sufría de una enfermedad gástrica estaba a nuestra disposición para salir por la noche algunos medicamentos y durante nuestro viaje al día siguiente de Jaipur a Udaipur arregló los asientos del coche para dar la impresión de que ella estaba sentada en un "business class" a Monique.Nuestros hoteles estaban todos arriba, con mucho encanto y creo que arregló para nosotros siempre la mejor habitación disponible.Usted puede estar seguro que recomendaremos India Viajes a nuestros amigos planeando un viaje a India.Best regardsMonique y Mark